Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lame Duck Triathlon 4 weeks ago

     The Lame Duck Triathlon is one race I have chickened out on twice!!  I finally decided that I was going to do it this year.  The problem with this tri is not the distance but the hills you have to bike and run because I HATE HILLS!!  We were going to do a practice ride on the course a month before the race but of course something came up and we couldn't do it.  That is probably a really good thing because the hills were very intense. 
     The swim was an open water swim.  All the guys got in and started, they had a 5 minute head start.  Then us girls got in and started.  As soon as we started I put my head down and started swimming.  I looked up to make sure I was going in the right direction and there was only a few us around.  I thought dang those girls can swim.  I liked the swim because it was a straight shot to the other side.  The closer I got to the dock the more people I started to see.  I might be slow but I stay at a steady pace.  I even passed a few guys.

SWIM .54 mile: 23:57min
TRANSITION 1: 2:01min. (Sorry!  I had to take pics!)

      I was excited to get the swim over with but nervous to get on the bike.  It was awesome to come out of the lake and see my husband, 2 of my kids, and 2 of my friends cheering me on!! I even took time to pose for some pics.  As soon as I came out of transition I had to go straight up hill.  I made the first hill but it was the second hill that got me.  I think my adrenaline got me too excited, I was out of breath and in the wrong gear.  I had to walk/run my bike up part of the second hill.  I was starting to have second thoughts about if I should have done this race or not and if I would ever do it again.  After that moment I had to rethink my situation.  I got back on my bike and made sure I was in the right gear every time I went up a hill.  I finally started enjoying the race again.  Going down those hills were so much fun. 

BIKE 9.1 miles: 44:04min 12.4 pace
     My goal for the bike was to complete it in 45 minutes or less.  I did it!!  When I got into transition and got off my bike my legs were shaking so bad.  So I knew I had pushed myself on the bike. When you see 12.4 pace it seems slow but the hills were so steep and this is what the race is known for, the whole course is all hills. 

TRANSITION 2: 2:02min

     Off to the run and straight up the hill I started my bike with.  The run was good.  It was tough.  I just put my head down and shuffled my feet along the way.  I just wanted to keep moving and not walk.  I messed up my garmin so I didn't know what my distance was through my run.  I think I could have run a little faster at the end but I was afraid to take off too soon.  I had a few people that were leaving the race telling me I was almost there.  I kept picking up the pace and thank goodness the ending was down hill!! 

RUN 2.6 miles: 28:09min
     Overall this race was a success!!  I finally conquered my fear and ran the race!! I ended up getting 4th out of 5 in Athena.  If I would have competed in my age group 30-34 I would have placed 3rd out of 4.  Oh well!!  I even changed it to Athena that morning.  If I wouldn't have changed it I would have gotten an award.  Oh well!!  Maybe next time!


    These are my fans!!  It meant a lot that they all came out and cheered me on!!  Thanks guys!!

Have you ever been afraid to do a race because of hills?
Of course you know I have!  Lol!

Do your friends ever come out and cheer for you?
Sometimes, usually if it's close or in town.  It makes the race so much fun when you can share it with your family and friends!!


  1. HAHAHA! OMG. look at that hill!! Probably why I haven't done it yet too! Good job!!

  2. Hey Courtney! This one scares me too - I always say maybe next year. Way to conquer your fears!

    1. Bluegrass Tri Chick: Join us this year! For race details visit I'll cheer you on! Race is set for July 27, 2013

  3. We're thrilled that you had such a great experience at the Lame Duck. I hope you consider registering for it again! Race is set for July 27, 2013 at 8:30 am. Even if you don't have as awesome a fan club as yours, we have tons of volunteers that love to cheer everyone on! Registration is at or for race details visit Happy training!!