Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Has Started Off Right

Going to lift some weights!!
      When a new year starts I don't usually hit the gym on January 1 but this year I did.  I met up with a personal trainer to get a good 30 minute full body workout.  I was very sweaty when I got done.  After the sweat session I meet up with my girls for a 3 mile run. This is the first time we have all gotten together for a run since the Marshall Marathon.  We had a great run and we chit chatted the whole time.   
                                                   The Herd
    When I got home Jim and I took our measurements.  We measured our:
                        Left Bicep 13in.
                        Chest 42in.
                        Waist 41in.
                        Hips 49in.
                        Left Thigh 28in. 
                                   Weight 200.6lbs.

      I'm hoping to see some major changes in the next few months!!  Honestly I am really scared of putting my weight on here because It has gone up.  But I have to be honest with myself and you to stay accountable.   It's been at least a year since it has gone up to the 2's.  I'm thankful it's only .6 over.  I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to get back on the wagon!!  My plan is to eat clean and workout 5-7 days a week.  I'm going to really focus on lifting weights this year.  I'm at a point where I need to change a lot of things.  Running cannot be my only exercise.  I'm going to add spin classes, kettle bell class, circuit class, and a lot of weight lifting.  Plus I will be getting back in the pool. 
     Another major change will be my eating.  I think that is what is really holding me back.  I love sweets!!   I eat sweets when I'm happy, sad, angry, mad, bored, which means I eat them all the time!  It's going to be tough but I need to be strong to get this weight off!!  I use the app myfitnesspal, I love it!!  My plan is to track everything with it.  All I have to do is scan the bar code of the item and it tracks it for me. It is very easy!  I just have to be honest with it and enter everything I eat.  It can really work! I am really looking forward to all the changes. 

What changes are you planning on making?

Do you love or like sweets?

What is your main focus for exercise this year?


  1. I love sweets! I have a big sweet tooth like you do! Last night after dinner I shoved a big ol' handful of Frosted Flakes in my mouth. That was dessert :) The problem is that I can't hardly function on bread and sweets. I feel much better without them. You will too! I have faith in you! You can do this!

  2. Hey I found you through Muddy Runner's blog - and I think your goals are great! I have a huge problem with sweets too (as I type this i have a bag of muddy buddy chex mix here). Good luck!

  3. Great blog & great goals! Glad ya stopped by my blog too, can't wait to exchange motivation :-) was trying to leave comment all day, we'll see if it works now!

  4. I LOVE sweets! I do OK avoiding them if I totally avoid them (though I do drink my coffee with 1/2 hot chocolate every morning, so I'm not sure how much I'm avoiding), but I have a hard time eating just one once I let my discipline slip.

    As somebody who managed to gain 22 pounds from March-October and is on her way back down now, I totally hear you about how easy it is for the weight to come back. I'm been following a more or less Paleo diet since October, and it hasn't been nearly as hard to cut out grains and such as I expected. I've definitely seen good changes in my weight, which helps. Christmas...didn't help...but I'm back on it now.

    My main focus this year is going to be achieving some sort of consistency in training.

  5. Sweets... depends on what we're talking about :) I can't stay away from Mexican sweet bread. If it's here in my house, it doesn't last. I can avoid donuts and cinnamon rolls but sweet bread gets me. Every time. I guess it's best not to buy it but I get it every now and then for my girls (or do I secretly get it for me but use them as an excuse??? Hmmm...)

    Also, thanks for checking out my blog. I posted a little something about the LA Marathon this morning. And yes I would recommend it. It can be a bit tough getting out to Dodger Stadium in the morning but that's not enough to not run it. The course is great and the crowd support is the best I've experienced in any race, well, if not the best then top two.

  6. I love sweets too. But, I've learned over the years of trying to eat healthy that I really only like really good sweets. I can't pass up a homemade treat, but I have learned that a packaged goodie doesn't do it for me.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, too. Great to meet another mom who is making her health a priority.