Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

My last 2 days of running have been cold!!  I really didn't think I would last too long outside but I knew I would run further outside then on the dreadmill!!  I like running in the cooler weather but wasn't for sure if I could run in 19 degrees (feels like 9!!).
A friend said to me, "You don't run in this cold of weather do you?"
I replied, "Oh no!!  It's too cold!"
When I left I asked myself why not?  A couple of hours later I bundled up and went for a run.  I really enjoyed the run and it felt good being out there.   I ran 4.25 miles, I was trying to get 4 miles but I ran out a little further then I was suppose too.  Plus it was too cold to walk back.  So I got an extra .25 mile in.  (Bonus!)     
So, the next day I did it again!! 

The next day it was a little warmer and the sun was shining bright.  I did the same route as the day before and a little faster.  It felt so good to be out there! 
Another new adventure I have been trying is weight lifting!  I forgot how much I missed it.  It feels so good to get in the gym.  Here are a few pics of my full body workout.   
 These are pics from the third time doing this workout and I was still working on my base weights. Since then I have added a lot more weight to each exercise. I have been changing it up every few times.  
Do you run out in the cold or do you choose the dreadmill?
Do you like weight lifting?


  1. Nice job getting out in the cold. I'm in So Cal, so I'm a wimp. But, I do love strength training. I love the look and feel of muscle definition.

  2. You're a braver soul than I am :) I'm such a weenie, you know me, I'll die a hot sweaty death in there with the others.

    Today I start weights, I might need you to help me out!

  3. Awesome job running in those chilly temps! No excuses!! Honestly I've never run in lower than 40's since here in Texas we never get to experience COLD that often!

    Way to go with the strength training! Nothing like getting all of your muscles working hard and look at you, tough girl!!! Inspired :-)

  4. Nice you're super motivating! I hate strength training. AND cold weather :D

  5. I've loved following you through instagram and now that I'm excited to follow you through the blog world as well! Cold runs rock :)


  6. Great job getting out there in the cold. You're a better person than me. Nice workout, too!