Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Do I Get Talked into this Stuff??


How do I get talked into more races?? OK, last Saturday Coy and I are on a 17.5 mile run. She mentions running another FULL MARATHON!! What?? Are you kidding me? This will be our schedule of races:

Sunday, October 16  Louisville Water Tower Full Marathon

Sunday, October 23 Midway Half Marathon

Sunday, November 6 ING NYC Marathon

Sunday, November 20 Tough Mudder 

     WOW!!  Of course I’m always up for a challenge and I said Heck Yeah!!  The Water Tower Marathon we plan to take easy, just to get this miles in.  Same with the Midway half.  Now, on the NYC Marathon I’m planning on getting a PR by myself (that’s the real challenge for me!).  The Tough Mudder on the other hand is just to make it through.  It will be one tough mudder!!  I am really looking forward to this fall race season. 

     Last night Maddie and Jacob had their first real Cross Country meet.  They went to Frankfort with another family because I had to work and coach soccer practice.  Tuesday when they were at CC practice Maddie ran the course in 11:44 and Jacob ran it in 12:40.  I had my fingers crossed that they would both beat their time.  Maddie sent me a text telling me she ran it in 10:09 and Jacob ran it in 9:13!!!!  Maddie is 9 years old and Jacob is 8.  I wish I could have ran this fast when I was their age.   Maddie said she told herself to keep running for her Momma!!  I loved hearing that from her.  That meant a lot.  Maddie tends to stop a lot during her 1 mile run but she learned how to pace herself and keep running the whole time.  I think that is one of the hardest things to do for a beginner.  I am so proud!! 


  1. Holy cow! That's great about the kids! I keep forgetting that they're in cross country! Sydney told me the other day that she was bragging about me to one of her friends. It made my day of course :)

    Louisville is gonna be so cool! It's our first full together!! I'm so excited, more so to run it with a friend. I'll be alone in D.C. so I'll be sure to carry's Luis's phone so I can call you again from mile 18 to cry at ya'!!

  2. THe Water Tower race is on my birthday, you girls make me proud!!

    I always get sucked into racing way too much!!

    Congrats to your youngins!!

  3. That schedule screams epicness! And with that alone, I love it. haha Best of luck!!

  4. I thought I had been doing alot of races, but that's quite the schedule!

    Coy will make it all worth while! She's just too awesome!