Friday, September 2, 2011

My Baby Boy is Growing Up!!

      Today is a special day, it's my baby boy's 8th birthday!! When I left for work I left him 2 Angry Bird stuffed animals and a card.  Once he woke up he found his toys and then got the royal treatment from his Dad and 2 sisters, he got breakfast in bed!!!  He was very excited.  When he went to school he saw his Yard Card that said, "Happy Birthday Jacob".  I can only imagine how big his smile was.  Later Jim took cupcakes for his class and had lunch with him.  He has been really spoiled today!! 

    Last night was packet pickup for our big Triathlon!!!  This is my second time doing the Tri for Sight and my husbands first.  We are very excited and nervous!!  I am nervous because I just want to drop time, even if its only transition time!!  I have really taken it easy with the workouts this week, I usually don't believe in tapering or anything like that but I did!  I ran 4 miles one day, biked a very easy 20 miles, and 1 hour of strength training.  I am running about 3 miles with a friend in the morning and then sitting by the pool the rest of the day.  Maybe even get my nails done!!  :)  I am super pumped about the race on Sunday especially now that I have blogged about it.  I am also excited that my Dad is coming to the race to take pics of me and Jim.  Jim was my photographer last year so I had to recruit a new one this year since Jim is racing.  Who knew this would be a family sport? 

Do you have a special routine when it's your kid's birthday?  Ours is breakfast in bed and they love it!!  I love it when they try and do it for us.  It's very special!!

Does your family come and support you at your races? My parents would be at every race except they are usually watching the kids for us or they are at the race with our kids.  They are great cheerleaders!!!  Thanks Mom and Dad for all the help and support!!


  1. That yard card is very cute! Happy Birthday to your baby boy...

    Have a ball on Sunday. Hope you will do a detailed post with lots of pics! Good Luck.

  2. ahhh! Happy Birthday Jacob!!! Good luck to you and your husband at the tri! Hope I get to run with you and Coy while I am home!

  3. My girls will turn 8 and 6 next month. Part of me is happy and part of me is not very happy about this. I did soak up a lot of their early years, well, ALL of their early years but they're at a good age right now, just want to keep em here for a while :/ We don't really have a routine with birthdays. My wife takes the day off of work and volunteers in their class.

    My wife has been at all four of my marathons but sometimes it's tough for her to entertain the girls at my half marathons and other races so I usually tell her to not worry about going out to those races. It would mean a lot to me if my brothers would come out to my races but so far only one of the three has been at any of my marathons/half marathons. I've kind of given up hope of that happening though and am just happy that my wife and girls are there for me. They give me more than enough reasons to push on through to the finish line.